Room 101 A
2:00 P.m.
LAshX Advanced Techniques
Sponsored by LashX by Makeup Mandy
by Mandy Jacobellis
Mandy has helped thousands of lash artists become successful, and has worked with the world’s leading spas and salons, as well as run her own lash bars. This course is for professionals who are already doing classic lashes and already professionally certified, but want to perfect their techniques when it comes to more advanced services such as: volume lashes, under lashes, and eyebrow extensions. Mandy also goes over advanced lash mapping and design, while discussing some amazing business advice to help you succeed to your fullest potential.
Room 101 B
2:00 P.m.
Lift, Tighten & Hydrate With Vegan Peptides, Stem Cells, And RF Current
Sponsored by Saian Natural Clinical Skincare
by Dasha Saian
Instant and cumulative results using a portable hand-held RF and products with hyaluronic acid, neuropeptides, stem cells, bioplacenta, collagen, and growth factors. Join us for a live demo of a face and neck-lift using our newest RF machine, and our award-winning hypoallergenic products. Find out why we are one of the easiest boutique professional lines on the market to work with. No minimum order, low cost per treatment, no amazon sales. Certificate of attendance provided.
Room 102 A
2:00 P.m.
LightStim LED – Creating a Healthy Foundation for Skin, Body & Business
Sponsored by LIGHTSTIM
by Richard Maher
It is said that vibrant skin is a reflection of inner health. Join us to learn more about this connection, including how to support aging and environmentally compromised cells for more radiant skin. LightStim manufactures a wide range of FDA cleared LED devices to fit every need and budget including the LightStim Bed, designed to help maximize the potential of every cell in the body. Attendees will receive a free gift with any device purchase.
Room 102 B
2:00 P.m.
Celluma – Deciphering Light Therapy for Today’s Esthetician
Sponsored by Celluma
by Patrick Johnson
Get on board with the hottest trend in esthetics and discover how Celluma Light Therapy can instantly boost results, sales and services! Based on proven science and differentiated from all other LED devices, this class will clarify the science behind Celluma and explain why it’s “The Aesthetician’s Choice.” It will dispel the myths surrounding light therapy and make it easy for you to embrace and integrate Light Therapy into your treatment room today!
Room 102 C
2:00 P.m.
Microcurrent: Its Power And Its Myths
Sponsored by 7e Wellness Corporation
by Pooja Johari
This class will empower you to identify the right technology for your practice. You will learn about wave forms and how to identify true microcurrent and its benefits.
Room 103 A
2:00 P.m.
Pigmentation Disorders: Causes & Treatments
Sponsored by Circadia by Dr. Pugliese
by Michael Pugliese
This presentation will explore the mechanisms of melanin formation and melanocyte function, as well as associated states of hyper-hypo pigmentation. Learn why the enzymes tyrosinase, phenylalanine oxidase, and newly discovered lightening mechanisms such as melanosome transfer (MIT) and melanin stimulating Hormones (MSH) inhibitors are key components in melanin formation. Methods to reduce melanin and specific treatments for melasma, inflammatory hyperpigmentation and photo damage will be presented.
Room 103 B
2:00 P.m.
Make More Money With Permanent Makeup
Sponsored by Nouveau Contour USA
by Nouveau Contour Specialist
As a leader in permanent makeup, our essential goal for training is to offer an educational experience that provides you with the skills to deliver the highest quality service to your clients. Nouveau Contour is a global company which means our training techniques are not only the best offered in this country, but the best available around the world.
Room 104 C
2:00 P.m.
Understand Acne and Revolutionize Your Treatments While Uncovering the Best Natural Solutions for Problem Skin
Sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care
by Brian Goodwin
Make blemishes a thing of the past! Uncover the causes of acne and gain a better understanding of the role that hormones, bacteria and lifestyle habits play in this often difficult-to-treat skin concern. Discover nature’s alternatives to harsh chemicals and create revolutionary treatments that target acne at its source.
Room 202 A
2:00 P.m.
Discover the Potential of Amiea Micropigmentation
Sponsored by Amiea
by Jan Hodok
Amiea has 10 years of innovation, precision and passion in micropigmentation. Discover the latest techniques from the leader in permanent makeup during our workshop!
Room 202 B
2:00 P.m.
From Procedure to Profit with Clinical Resolution Lab
Sponsored by Clinical Resolution Lab
by Bridget Winton
Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that has quickly gained mass popularity and acceptance. Please join us to learn about microneedling, including safety procedures, skin preparation, treatment, and post-treatment care.
Room 202 C
2:00 P.m.
Optimized Pigmentation Protocols
Sponsored by XTETIC
by Kendra Price
This is a fun and dynamic class is for esthetic professionals looking to become experts in treating pigmentation. You will gain the confidence and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition with XTETIC’s Innoaesthetics and Mesoestetic pharmaceutical treatments. Learn more about combing modalities transdermal infusions for microneedling and microchanneling, chemical exfoliations and Cosmelan to control melasma and other pigmentations.
Room 103 B
3:45 P.m.
Lightwave Therapy: Learn What Is Necessary To Perform An Effective Clinical LED Light Treatment
Sponsored by Lightwave/ABI Skin Care
by Kari Poling
What is LED light therapy and how does it work? How do I explain light therapy and its benefits to my clients? What does an effective treatment look like? Can increasing dosage and properly preparing the skin lead to better results? Learn the basics of light therapy as we explore the answer to these questions and more. Receive step-by-step protocols on how to use LED alone and with other popular treatments. In addition, every attendee will receive a FREE LIGHTWAVE facial protocol and product.
Room 104 C
3:45 P.m.
Stimulants: Nature’s Active Miracle for Every Skin Condition
Sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care
by Brian Goodwin
The skin’s circulatory system provides oxygen, nutrients and carries away toxins. Active Hungarian spices like paprika, cinnamon and stinging nettle stimulate circulation, providing instant benefits for all skin conditions. Mix, combine and layer these treatments with other masques and peels for enhanced effects. Give clients the hottest treatment in town and astound them with incredible results!