Room 102 B
3:45 P.m.
Earn MORE In Less Time With Dermatude: The Facelift Alternative
Sponsored by Dermatude USA
by Dermatude Specialist
Meta Therapy is a new non-invasive, non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation, helping to hydrate and restore the skin’s natural glow. This 45-minute treatment conditions the skin’s surface using specially designed polycarbonate modules in tandem with its serums that remove dead skin cells and deeply cleanse the skin.
Room 102 C
3:45 P.m.
Brows to Brazilian
Sponsored by Depilève
by Deanna Derthick
Learn how to wax effortlessly with Depileve‘s waxing products. Let us show you techniques from waxing basic eyebrows and working down the body to Brazilian waxing. Our educators will show you how easy it can be to do either a basic eyebrow or an advanced Brazilian.
Room 103 A
3:45 P.m.
Provide Game Changing Results With Pure Peptides And Optimize Modality Outcomes
Sponsored by Viktoria DéAnn Peptide Cosmeceuticals
by Susan Wade
Learn how pure peptides are the answer when advancing the skin for natural, healthy, beautiful skin. Set yourself apart from your competition by combining pure bioavailable peptides when using different modalities (micro-current, LED, micro-channeling, radio-frequency, micro-needling, etc.). You will learn how to identify pure peptides, how peptides function at the cellular level and how they are the master communicators for the health of the skin.
Room 103 B
3:45 P.m.
Lightwave Therapy: Learn What Is Necessary To Perform An Effective Clinical LED Light Treatment
Sponsored by Lightwave/ABI Skin Care
by Kari Poling
What is LED light therapy and how does it work? How do I explain light therapy and its benefits to my clients? What does an effective treatment look like? Can increasing dosage and properly preparing the skin lead to better results? Learn the basics of light therapy as we explore the answer to these questions and more. Receive step-by-step protocols on how to use LED alone and with other popular treatments. In addition, every attendee will receive a FREE LIGHTWAVE facial protocol and product.
Room 103 C
3:45 P.m.
Join The Hydrafacial Nation!
Sponsored by The HydraFacial Company
by HydraFacial Team
Connect with the HydraFacial team and experience why nothing compares.
Room 104 C
3:45 P.m.
Discover the Best Results-Driven Natural Hyperpigmentation Treatments On the Market
Sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care
by Brian Goodwin
Uncover the solution to hyperpigmented skin by targeting all stages of the hyperpigmentation process. Learn how hormones, pollution, free radicals and inflammation play a role in causing hyperpigmentation and discover how nature offers natural alternatives to hydroquinone! Amaze your clients with the results by designing home care treatments to enhance their skin’s continued transformation.
Room 202 B
3:45 P.m.
Clarifying Acne Solutions: Rediscover Clearly Beautiful Skin
Sponsored by Lira Clinical
by Tiffany McLauchlin
Balancing skin’s microbiome is essential for acne management success. Combat acne’s toughest challenges through Lira Clinical’s revolutionary topical probiotic and peptide technology. Discover the optimal acne clinical treatments from softening stubborn blackhead extractions to resurfacing chronic acne scars. Enable clearly beautiful results through personalized home care programs streamlining to client’s lifestyle, age, or acne severity.