Room 201 A
2:00 P.m.
Discover the Power of Permanent Beauty & Earn 4x More
Sponsored by Nouveau Contour
by Nouveau Contour Specialist
We are offering a sneak peek into the world of permanent makeup and microblading application. As a leader in permanent makeup, our essential goal for training is to offer an educational experience that provides you with the skills to deliver the highest quality service to your clients. Nouveau Contour is a global company, which means our training techniques are not only the best offered in this country, but the best available around the world.
Room 201 B
2:00 P.m.
Make Peels Your “FORTE”
Sponsored by Image Skincare
by IMAGE Business Development Manager
Join Image Skincare as we delve into the business of peels for your spa. Learn how these treatments will not only deliver results for your clients, but also build your bottom line and increase revenues. Learn how becoming an expert in peel science will set you apart from others. This class will cover how to use professional peel solutions and peel away the years to youthful skin. All attendees will receive a fabulous IMAGE prize!
Room 202 A
2:00 P.m.
TCA & Jessner Peels
Sponsored by Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills Formula
by Lincoln Lee
Enhance your skills with the Dermaesthetics Level II and III TCA and Jessner Peels. Learn how to properly apply advanced peels safely and effectively for all skin types and Fitzpatrick levels. Certification Seminar distributed by the Dermal Institute of Clinical Aesthetics (DICA).
Room 202 B
2:00 P.m.
A Physiological Approach to Peels
Sponsored by Circadia by Dr. Pugliese
by Christopher Kuever
Acids are widely used in professional skin care, but some confusion still exists regarding what acids are and exactly how they affect the physiology of the skin. This comprehensive seminar will address the relationship between pH and the strength of peeling acids. Understand the concepts behind percentages, buffering, and pK values and take your results to the next level. Dive into the benefits and drawbacks of Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, and Mandelic Acids and the physiological responses to their application. All attendees will receive a professional peel certificate.
Room 202 C
2:00 P.m.
Peels, Peptides, & Probiotics: The Future of Skincare
Sponsored by Lira Clinical
by Tiffany McLauchlin
Lira Clinical’s trendsetting products and treatments offer you the future of cutting-edge corrective skin care. Discover the new approach of healthy exfoliation, skin brightening and volumizing with Smart Peel technology. Science and nature come together with designer peptides, nourishing botanicals, and topical probiotics to help balance skin’s micro-biome while detoxing and safeguarding from environmental assaults. Achieve immediate visible results with the Probiotic Power Treatment gaining and retaining satisfied clientele and additional business profits.
Room 203 A
2:00 P.m.
A Holistic Approach to Skin Fitness
Sponsored by LIGHTSTIM
by Richard Maher
Like good health, “fit” skin is not achieved with any one treatment. Learn about the foundational benefits of LED as part of a successful integrative treatment plan. LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology has been a favorite among professionals for nearly 20 years due to its proven and consistent results. LightStim offers its award winning technology in both hand-held and stand alone units. Join us for our workshop and receive a free gift with any device purchase.
Room 203 B
2:00 P.m.
A Brazilian Reasons to Take This Satin Smooth Class: Brazilian Waxing Advanced Techniques
Sponsored by Satin Smooth
by Colette Brown
Pro tips for best results! Be inspired with advanced techniques. Gain a plan for navigating a confident Brazilian Waxing service. Become an expert at customizing your waxes. Learn how to use Soft, Hard and Thin Film wax with the Satin Smooth Technique to provide the most comfortable service. Great Tools + Great Technique provided by Satin Smooth. Full frontal nudity, Licensed Professionals only (Professional ID required or student ID). No photography.
Room 203 C
2:00 P.m.
Deciphering Light Therapy for Today’s Esthetician
Sponsored by Celluma
by Patrick Johnson
Get on board with the hottest trend in esthetics and discover how Celluma Light Therapy can instantly boost results, sales and services! Based on proven science, and differentiated from all other LED devices, this webcast will clarify the science behind Celluma and explain why it’s “The Aesthetician’s Choice.” It will dispel the myths surrounding light therapy and make it easy for you to embrace and integrate Light Therapy into your treatment room today!
Room 204
2:00 P.m.
Discover Immediate Anti-aging Results with All-natural and Organic Active Ingredients
Sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care
by Brian Goodwin
Explore industry-leading innovations and delve into the core of your client’s most common skin concern by learning how to simultaneously treat different layers of the skin to produce immediate results. Increase your expertise as an esthetician by understanding Éminence’s age-defying natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients and learn how to use the products effectively with firming massage techniques to wow your client with an instant face-lift!